Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tokyo Hot n0418 東京熱 N0148

title: Tokyo-Hot n0418 and n0419 Must n0420!
CD number: single-chip mounted DVD

name:The latest Tokyo hot n0418 Emi Nagayama rationale high slow Yomitan who gang-raped juice model Tenchu

-AVI- DVD/Rm/rm/rmvb
Actor name: Minami Takashima, Megu Hosokaw
Regional: Oriental
Example image
(東京熱) 2009 Tokyo Hot n0418
now! C

Now that will be talked about photography, the author here to add some of the Japanese photographic knowledge will flow: Photography in Japan is the Actress and the fans are tired of one thing, Actress reason is not just tired because she wanted to change clothes before posture photographs give everyone, but in the case of the same language, Mp3,mp4,3gp,wma,wmv,all,Tokyo Hot n0418 and n0419-2009 Must n0420!she must meet the call of fans from different angles, before someone called her a sexy posture, someone told her to Peak, just to satisfy the requirements of fans, the upper and lower body exercise Actress possible far more than the past to buy a television fitness equipment! As for fans tired so why? Since Japan's photography will be for that emphasizes fairness, they designed a five row location for photography fans, the first row of fans sitting on the ground, sitting in chair on the second row, third row with points, the fourth row of small standing on chair, as the fifth row it is a relatively high standing on the chair, and then every five minutes, a U.S. transposition. In this way there will not be "fixed-ming Wang," appeared, but has been light for seat enough to toss about the people. Anyhow, hope Sakuraiりあ(Sakurai ria, Sakurai Leah) good physical custody as soon as possible, after all, her appearance is absolutely no worry about chip-chip business for her hair.

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i like 東京熱 tokyo hot !